Health, Safety & Environment


Safety in design, construction and operation are core values of the STONE Oil & Gas corporate culture.

Adhering to the highest standards for health, safety and the environment through zero-harm initiatives are part of our daily engineering work.

HSE Statement

“At STONE Oil & Gas, we are committed to designing and constructing facilities that are in-line with the industry's health, safety and environment (HSE) best practices. We cultivate a culture of responsibility and participation in HSE activities across all disciplines and throughout our projects life cycle. We are committed to continuous improvement and zero harm safety in our work environment.”

HSE in Design
At STONE Oil & Gas, we believe that incorporating safety, health and environmental best practices in-design during the early stages of th​e project is essential to achieve zero-harm safety during construction and the plant life cycle. STONE Oil & Gas utilizes several processes and tools such as:

  • Constructability reviews with participation from construction and safety
  • Standard hazard identification and elimination reviews such as PHA and HAZOPs
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Reviews​
  • Screening, Risk Assessment, Environmental Assessment & Criticality Reviews
  • Engineering Loss Management (ELM) assessment​
  • Vendor Quality Surveillance

HSE Philospohy​

The HSE Philosophy in STONE Oil & Gas is based on the DCOM model, where (D) stands for Direction, (C) for Competency, (O) for Opportunity and (M) for Motivation. Direction as per the HSE statement is re-enforced through the Client requirements and the management directives.

​Performance-based leadership are used to keep our team motivated to achieve zero harm safety throughout the life cycle of the project. Our team has the competency and is given the opportunity to implement STONE Oil & Gas HSE policy. Continuous improvement is imperative to keep learning and improving upon our HSE practices.

“Leadership drives behavior that promotes zero harm safety in the work environment and incorporates HSE best practices in design”.